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​​A spiritual punk rocker with social concerns = Bloodi Hell


Created by Paula Izydorek - an original Lil Hellion

Bloodi Hell

​​A holy minister who is tempted by sin = Sinister

The conception of Lil Hellions began on a sketch pad in South Beach (aka Miami Beach) while two natural born punk rockers were discussing tattoos, surfing and skateboarding. 

In 2003, the original drawings look like this:

After being shelved for nearly a decade, Lil Hellions became a self-published webcomic in 2014.  Each digitally collaged post uniquely explores the heartfelt silliness of society.  Ranging from awkwardly humorous to gracefully inspirational, the Lil Hellions exist in a place where the senseless makes sense.
For better or worse, all post are composed in Photoshop by collaging original photographs, words and designs with various Lil Hellions characters by Paula Izydorek.  Enjoy!

The creator of Lil Hellions utilizes the horned halo to represent the bad aspects within good natured people.  The characters derive from this concept:


Who the hell are the Lil Hellions?  Everyone wants to know!